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Red face Re: What can a parent expect?

My daughter s scheduled for surgery on 27/6, and we have not long had our post op info. In this, they say that most kids go back to school for half days after the 6 weeks. I didn't realise we would be having a brace after surgery until we got the hospital information, so I still feel a bit anxious about not knowing enough.
Our situation was similar to yours in that we didnt know our daughter had scoliosis, then when we saw a specialist, we were told bracing wouldn't fix it, so it was all a bit of a surprise . I felt really bad that I hadn't noticed what was going on, but apparently it can all go pear shaped (or s or c shaped) very quickly. Our daughter is 14, in year 9, which is probably a goodyear to have disrupted. All the best. PM
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