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Default What can a parent expect?

I'm so glad my son's surgeon put us on to this forum. It's certainly helping to allay my fears. Mr 14 has had a rapid onset of scoliosis with a 57 deg right thoracic curve, 39 left thoracic and 29 left lumbar. I'm frustrated and annoyed that we didn't notice it sooner .. why oh why don't they screen in schools? The surgeon's tried to reassure us that rapid onset is not uncommon during periods of growth, which he's definitely had over the last 6 months.
My son seems to be handling the idea of surgery far better than his parents that's for sure.
I'd love to hear from other parents who have shared the journey with their child. What can we expect when he's in hospital, and when he comes home. In terms of taking carers leave from work, did your child need someone at home with them all of the time for the 6 week post-op period? How did they manage when they returned to school - were they able to take public transport to school when they returned? Did they do part days at school for a while?
Any advice you have, I'd love to hear.
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