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Hi Janene,
she turned 15 on 7th June. She is a good swimmer and due to her very good posture and core body strength due to the swimming her curve was not as noticeable as it would normally have been for the size of it. She also had no pain at all. She did notice it was harder to get big breaths to turn in about October last year and some rib pain which lasted 1 day. GP's didn't even look for scoliosis when she was checked in November last year. Originally in WA they said she would have to wait 16-18 months for surgery because they do not operate in private hospitals here so you have no choice but to be in the public system. Knowing that the brace wouldn't fix it and might not even contain it because of the size of the curve and its location I decided to investigate eastern states surgery. The surgery was done in Victoria and everything about the Victorian Health System was awesome.
Thanks Jane
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