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Default Re: Changes post surgery

Hi Trace,
sorry to hear of your concerns, I do hope things are on the improve again. My daughter is almost 1 year post op and travelling really well at the moment. Next year is year 12 though, so I'm pretty sure that will put it to the test! A lot of kids get back pain with increased study as there is so much sitting and looking down. It might be worth seeing if there are some adaptions that could be made to minimise staying in the one posture for long periods of time with study such as sometimes studying lying down or trying a standing work-station as an alternative to sitting?
Not sure about the shoulder blade being more prominent, it's good for them to occasionally stand in front of a mirror and adjust their weight bearing to make sure weight is even across both legs and shoulders and pelvis are level.
My understanding is that once the fusion is done, it is not likely to change the curve in that area again, but it could be that there is a curve below. My daughter's fusion went from T4 to L3, I did not want it to have to go so low, but the surgeon said that he needed to go that low to correct both the lumbar and thoracic curves.
She has a friend who developed some pain 2 years after surgery after having a pain free first 2 years post op, but she was doing year 12 when the pain started, and she had stopped a lot of her exercise.
Hope things are on the improve.
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