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Default MAGEC Surgery in Australia

Hi All,

I'm new hear - this is my first post!

My daughter is 2 and has early onset scoliosis with a 70 degree curve which is currently being managed with a brace (casted every 3 months under general). The current plan is for her condition to be managed with a brace until she is big enough to have MAGEC rod surgery (at around 4/5 years old).

We currently live in the UK where MAGEC surgery is performed however we are planning on moving back to Australia in 2018. Please could somebody tell me if MAGEC surgery is performed in Australia and any further information i.e;

Which states offer the surgery?
Has anyone had any experience with MAGEC in Australia or can provide any more information?

Also - Is bracing covered under medicare for <18 y/o's?

Thanks in advance for any help you could give us
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