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Default Re: Severe Pain & Vomiting Following Surgery

Oh I hope other parents hop on to give you advice.

Vomiting and huge amounts of pain are what I went through for the first four or five days. I had reactions to three painkillers until they gave me Oxycontin which was fine. The vomiting was awful.

As a concerned parent you have every right to ask a gazillion questions and hunt further for more advice if you are not satisfied everything is ok. The degree of curve would have required some pretty intensive corrective surgery so no wonder she is in lots of pain

Levels of pain vary, and I have to confess, I didn't expect so much pain - and I have a high threshold so it was a bit of an eye-opener. Everyone is different but you know your daughter better than anyone. It does get better

Hopefully the meds will be sorted out and her vomiting and pain abating before they discharge her.

Keep the communication open xxx and all the best to your daughter. What a champion for getting through xxx
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