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Default Re: My rods are broken!!!!

Thanks, Christine, Rosie and Heather.
My surgeon is great - what can I say... He is giving me a chance to avoid surgery for which I am extremely grateful, however, this weekend, I just could not see the light a the end of the tunnel for my pain. The Endone is not working and I went to the pharmacy today to speak to the pharmacist regarding how I might be able to use my existing pain meds in a combination that may be able to help me. I tried to stay off he meds today to give my body a rest from being on pain meds for 4 weeks straight - not a good idea, I was sick due to the pain and then started trembling (dont think I will do that again!)

Rosie, as the Dr explained. Fractures after 5 years are not normal and was at a loss to explain why it may have happened. I am 49 next month. Regarding your movements, as you move forward, you can do more. I was actually considering going to coach my grandaughters netball team. I actually felt that I was back to "normal". The Physician I work for was stunned when I told him I had such a long fusion. He just thought I had a great posture as I showed no "signs" of someone who had had surgery.

Heather, have no fear. I was hesitant to post this on the forum, but thought that I had to, as it is something that can happen. We have a great network of people on this forum and I love the way every person can help another in their journey to something so challenging but very do-able.

OK better get off now - not feeling good again.
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