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Smile Re: My rods are broken!!!!

HI Christine,

I do think that my back was somehow out of alignment and putting pressure at the level that broke. I kept telling my Dr that I feel that my hips are rotated but no-one would listen. Dont get me wrong, I respect that they do years of study in their field but hey, I wear this body everyday! The pain is pretty bad, as you can well imagine. Its going down my outer hips, legs, lower back etc. I cant lie down for long, nor stand or sit. It is mentally challenging. No wander I am exhausted. I work as Medical Receptionist two days per week and was mean't to start a new job tomorrow as an Allied Receptionist (two days a week)with a Dietician. I had to cancel that as my surgeon said to delay starting work until after the surgery but this was not an option with the employer. The Consult General Physician I work for is very understanding and is prepared to do what it takes to help me out (one of his specialties is chronic pain). My advice to you Christine, is to really take it easy. I will be re-evaluating my life after this surgery I can tell you.
Take care, RB
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