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Default Re: My rods are broken!!!!

Oh no. Oh no no. Sitting here feeling so unhappy reading what you are going through. And we think we are all ok but really things like that can happen.

Broken rods often go through my mind but have thought that it would take a certain amount of force to actually snap the hardware.

So how is your pain level? Are you just hanging in there? I can't really comprehend what it would feel like but expect it must be physically excruciating along with so very emotionally awful. I guess it is really like having a broken back, somewhat?

Do you think the sneezing put something out in your back that then led to the rods snapping?

I wish I could offer something but can only offer my heartfelt wishes that you can get some answers and action pronto.

This already will me think carefully about things....I have been totally overdoing things at my work (which I expect you have done too) over the past few months, lifting things, bending silly ways to get jobs done and I feel so fragile, my bottom half won't talk very much to my top half sometimes and my legs feel very numb and un-coordinated. For the past week I have been meaning to make an appointment with my GP to have a general chat about pain management and perhaps changing my entire life (again) to reduce the strain on my back. It is not worth pushing all of this wonderful surgery results aside for the sake of working as we do.

Please please take great care. and keep in touch. As much as you need to. Hopefully someone on our forum or the other UK/USA sites might have a similar story with a bit of advice.

It is just not fair. As if you haven't had enough already.

Lots of love xxx
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