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Unhappy My rods are broken!!!!

Hi all,

I know I haven't been here for a bit but I have been going through some personal issues over the last year or so. I am in the S & D mode! I have been coming to the forums just to get some mini updates but not really taking part.
It is with deep sadness that I report that an xray on Thursday revealed that my two rods are fractured and so is my fusion at the L3/4 level. Words cannot describe my anger at the moment.
Four weeks ago after doing my nightly walk ( 1 hour every night), I came home and something in the air outside triggered a sneezing fit. On my last sneeze, I heard a massive 'clunk' and I could not move. I thought nothing of it, took some Zavance and Panadol Osteo and went to bed for the night, in the hope that all would be well the next morning. Well it wasn't. I rang the GP's rooms and asked for an appointment for the next day as I could not drive. I saw the GP the next day and explained to him that we needed to act fast as I felt crooked and out of alignment. He sent me for a CT scan which revealed and annular disc bulge at L2/3 and a mass at L5/S1. He suggested I call my surgeon and get his opinion. I could not get into the surgeons rooms until Late April, therefore, sugeon said he would access my films online and we would go from there. Apparently the reporting on the scan was incorrect!!! Pain was increasing, no sleep for nights and now barely able to walk, I present to the emergency room at the Private Hospital. The Dr on shift, was so ....(lets not go there)! She asked me what I thought we could achieve for me as 'everyone has back pain, some people can tolerate it more than others. I dont know what you are expecting from me. I dont know what it is that I can do for you'. Me 'can we just do a plain xray, because I feel that something is seriously wrong'. Her ' not that would be unnecessary. Would you like me to call Dr .. and see what he says. Me ' yes that might be a good idea!!!!!!' She comes back with a totally different attitude and says that he wants me to have a bone scan and a urgent blood test to check for certain markers. I have the bone scan done the next day and it reveals certain activity that relates to me falling last year (if you remember that one) but really nothing else. Surgeon makes an appointment to see me in his rooms so that we can go over the scan with his fancy scan/xrays software. Seems everything is ok, but he is baffled by the pain. I tell him that 'last night when I went to the loo, as I sat down, I heard this 'crack' and that I felt as if something fell across my lower back. He says ' what did it sound like? I say ' sounded like slapping a ruler on the table' He suggests I have plain xrays to make sure that the hardware is ok and that if it is, we will inject the si joints one at a time to establish if it is indeed these joints that are giving me grief. Had the xrays the next day and i was quite positive that the 'crack' was a sign that everything was going back to normal and settling back into place. WRONG!! I was at work with my phone on silent and did not see all the missed calls from my surgeon (he was calling me in between theatre patients). I called him back and he let me know the bad news. He said he was quite surprised at the findings. I now have to see him on Tuesday, so that we discuss where we go from here. To say that I am upset and angry is a real understatement. I will keep you all posted, but it seems that due to where it is, I will require revision surgery to replace the rods. I am hoping they can be mended. Dont know if this is an option though.
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