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Default Re: 6 Year old girl any advice on telling her whats going on

Hi littlepink

Sorry I don't have any specific advice as my daughter is 13 and only recently diagnosed.
Generally though as the mum of 3 girls, with any health issues I have found honesty is the best policy. Kids seem to know if we are not telling the truth. Try to use a level of language that your daughter understands and encourage her to ask questions if she doesn't understand something.
A lot will depend on your daughter's tolerance. We call our 13 year old 'princess' as she is so sensitive, she could feel a pea under 20 mattresses . She has never handled pain or medical issues well and gets quite angry with 'problems'.
Try to reward your daughter for being brave etc with small toys or books or things she likes.
Listen to her complaints and be compassionate. Lots of
Keep her busy with activities she can still participate in. A 'notebook' or laptop computer with a wireless usb internet connection might be a good idea. Lots of educational stuff is free online and lots of schools now email homework etc if your child is absent. Games can be used as rewards or for keeping miss occupied at difficult times.
Encourage your daughter to keep a diary including photos - two purposes - a way of venting without affecting others and a great way to look back at how far she is progressing.

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