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Default Re: Post-op questions

Hi Chrissy and welcome!

I am also 54, 55 in Sept. Surgery in 2011 fusion T4 to L1 and thoracoplasty in 2012.

I remember being very bloated and presumed it was due to the Oxycontin and constipation. It wasn't very comfortable but wasn't over worrying. I think it settled down after a couple of months as I became more upright and my walks got longer.

I didn't have a walker or a brace.

I returned to work bit by bit, I think four months after my first op and three after my second. It took another two years to go full time. My job was pretty physical and haven't been able to do the same stuff since. Actually finished up at work on Friday and will write up a post on that soon.

Sleep? What is that? I went from a side sleeper (pre-ops) to being a back sleeper after my surgeries. I've not had very good sleep since I was young as I've never found sleeping a comfortable exercise. But I do find that stretching and keeping active makes sleep better but don't worry about being active until you are long past the early stages of recovery. Take things slow and listen to your body is my advice. Don't push yourself. I am now 5 years post-op and only really now just getting my strength and exercise regimen sorted out. My hips are a problem now, which is adding to movement and sleep problems.

Originally Posted by Chrissy in CT View Post
Hi, all - I'm brand new to the forum, and writing from the U.S.! I had a 50-degree at age 54 and was living in so much pain I opted for surgery. Procedure in two parts: May 25 (posterior fusion, T-10 to pelvis, plus rods) and June 8 (anterior lumbar fusion). I have several questions and haven't found anyone around here who's had the same procedure. Hoping someone on the forum can help! Here are the questions:

1) Ever since posterior surgery almost 4 weeks ago, I've had abdominal bloating that is through the roof! It's worse since the anterior surgery and I'm afraid it's going to pop my anterior stitches. Anybody else with this problem? Suggestions?

2) How long should I expect to have to use a walker?

3) Do most people get back to work within 3 months? I sit most of the day at my job as a one-on-one special ed teacher.

4) Best sleep positions?

I have more, but I'll stop there. Hoping someone here can help me!

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