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Question Post-op questions

Hi, all - I'm brand new to the forum, and writing from the U.S.! I had a 50-degree at age 54 and was living in so much pain I opted for surgery. Procedure in two parts: May 25 (posterior fusion, T-10 to pelvis, plus rods) and June 8 (anterior lumbar fusion). I have several questions and haven't found anyone around here who's had the same procedure. Hoping someone on the forum can help! Here are the questions:

1) Ever since posterior surgery almost 4 weeks ago, I've had abdominal bloating that is through the roof! It's worse since the anterior surgery and I'm afraid it's going to pop my anterior stitches. Anybody else with this problem? Suggestions?

2) How long should I expect to have to use a walker?

3) Do most people get back to work within 3 months? I sit most of the day at my job as a one-on-one special ed teacher.

4) Best sleep positions?

I have more, but I'll stop there. Hoping someone here can help me!

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