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Originally Posted by Rodverta Braefusion View Post
Hi paige,
Welcome to the forum. I live in Adelaide, but just got home a little over an hour ago from Melbourne. I had to attend a Xmas function. It was good to read your story ( i like reading about OP's recoveries). Could you please elaborate a little on the part of you recovering so well you now have pain. I'm a little concerned. Thanks
it's hard to explain, really. between my shoulder blades in particular, where my most severe curve was, i just have searing, stabbing pain. it may not even be associated with my scoliosis, but because i know there is something wrong with my back, i'm just so much more aware these days. according to my physio, my shoulder blade muscles are incredibly weak, which may assist the pain. i can't really describe it other than just this, searing pain that is nearly always there, even if i haven't done any strenuous activity.
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