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I'm allan, 49,
I was 9 yreas old in the 60's when I found out I had scoliosis, due to technology and finances nothing could be done for me, now classed as in opperable.

I had many an arguement with doctors over the years and in Particular with a (edited by Admin to remove name of doctor and hospital), he claimed there is no pain with scoliosis and is not hereditary, how wrong he was.
I read all the threads and my heart goes out to all of you and what your going through, I proved that there is pain, I also proved it can be carried through the genetics from one generation to the next.

My Grand father had it, my father has it, I have it at 75 deg. curve in the thorasic spine (apparently mine is the worst in my family), 2 of my sisters have it and now my youngest son has it, he is 17.

What I think I'm trying to say is Doctors don't have all the answers but, ask all the questions you can, ask them to explain everything and most of all tell them exactly what you are feeling even if they say you don't have eg. pain from scoliosis.
To compound me I had schurmans disease (forgive my spelling) it is the wearing down of the membrane between the veratbra, now of which in me has become arthritis just to add more pain to the mix. sorry to rave on

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