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Well here we are with our own Scoliosis Forum. To introduce myself though one or two already know me I am 58 and in 1966 I had harrington rods placed near my spine and have been fused from T4 to L3. I think I was around the eighth person to be operated on in Australia and of course it was successful I still have a bit of a hump but all in all I have led a perfectly normal life.No problems with pregnancies and so on, worked all my life.
That is until 1997 and things have been a bit painful since then due to the rods still being there and whatever else if going on back there. So I am in quite a lot of pain. Would I change anything, definately not. I am so lucky that I was able to be fixed shall we say at the age of 14.
I think this forum will be a definate asset to all of us, and thankyou for starting it.

Lorraine. (Macky)
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