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Default Re: Leg weakness post surgery

An update on my daughter's progress. After I last posted she continued physiotherapy and hydrotherapy and progressively got more strength in her leg, its not 100% but she doesn't have a noticeable limp or anything anymore. She is living away from home at Uni now, she does still complain of back pain but I feel if she committed to an exercise program to improve her core strength this would improve. She continued to have numbness in her thigh and back of her calf until about 1 month ago when she rang me late at night and said just like an electric shock the feeling came back, it wasn't gradual as I had thought it would be but in an instant, she now has normal feeling in her calf and only a slight loss of sensation in one patch on her thigh. She was so excited. I just wish the back pain would go away, this surgery was supposed to fix that I thought.
Thanks for your enquiry, I had forgotten to update this post.
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