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Default Re: Looking for advice

It is an extremely personal decision. I am younger than you do my situation was different, but I made my decision on 2 things: pain was one. My pain was gradually getting worse. I did not see myself or my quality of life improving if I simply waited. Still, it is a gamble. It is not often that it happens but a few will end up with more pain after the surgery. Still I decided in favor but went into it knowing and accepting that maybe my pain would not improve at all. If that was the case, I would resign myself to the fact that at least we were stopping or slowing down the progression of the curve. That leads me to the second aspect of my decision. My curve was getting worse. I am in my mid thirties and my curve was already 68. And I knew it was still crumbling even more. I could feel my ribs even more pronounced than years earlier. And I have seen elderly ladies with severe scoliosis who, as a matter of fact, shared with me their experience with pain and how they wished they have had access to these surgeries when they were younger. That was a major influence on my decision too. And so far I have not yet regretted it, quite the opposite.
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