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Default Re: Looking for advice

Thanks Christine,
Iím hearing you and agree with having to let go. It wonít be easy but I donít think Iíll have a choice in the matter, and by what Iíve read on previous posts the drugs that Iíll be on and the pain will prevent me from doing a lot any way. I suppose thatís my fear in some ways. My surgeons have all said that I will take a long time to recover and the first three months is the worse. However, because I have been thinking of doing this for so long, I am funnily enough, not that afraid of the operation. Iíve prepared myself mentally, but still a bit afraid of what happens afterwards and how much of a correction I get and if I will end up with long-term pain afterwards. But thatís a risk I think all of us have taken and that is something I will have to face and am aware of.
I am though looking forward to the ďfun partĒ of overhauling my wardrobeÖslipping shoulders - tell me about itÖIím over it!
Only out of curiosity, Iím still going to see this lady about the Scroth method. She may have some words of wisdom?
Thanks again Christine I loved your comments
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