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Smile Re: Looking for advice

Hi Bren

I am now 53 and had my first surgery in 2011, another one 2012. My curvature was also worsening with middle age. Fusion was T4 - L1 and had five ribs re-sectioned to reduce the hump. My back is very straight now and quality of life very good...still can't believe I have good posture! Some pain, but it is very manageable by keeping fit and resting lots. I like to tell people I made a pain trade when I had surgery - the post-surgery pain and new confidence is much more bearable that the pre-surgery pain and depression from living with scoliosis.

It is generally a more difficult recovery for older patients, but I am a big advocate for this life-changing surgery and wish I had it years ago. I felt I had little to lose anyway and sought the advice of three surgeons before settling on one in Melbourne.

Like Annette, there are quite a few of my posts still on the forum that you might like to read.

Feel free to shoot me a PM for a chat
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