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Default Re: Advice for mums please

Hi Janet.
Thanks for your post. I'm glad to know it's normal to feel so terrified! My son, like your daughter, is also very keen to get the surgery done, he's not in the least bit worried and keeps asking me why I'm anxious about it. I wish I was 15 and still took everything in my stride! I'm glad your daughter is doing so well a year on and it's so encouraging to hear that she is back playing sports too. How long was it till she started back at netball? My son is really going to miss his basketball!
He is now booked in for the 4th December. what are the chances of he being ok for Christmas? We have no family here, but my parents fly in from the UK on the 27th December. So a bit of help with the other children will be welcome.
He also has a tethered spinal cord so we saw the neurosurgeon last week and she said she thinks they'll need to operate on it. She's showing his films to a colleague on Monday to get his opinion. The upside is that she can do her part of the surgery at the same time, so at least it's only one surgery, we did think he'd need two.
I can't think about anything else at the minute, my mind keeps drifting to surgery, I'm dreading it happening, but also can't wait to be on the other side.
I hope a year on we have a positive story to tell like yours!
Thanks again Janet.
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