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Exclamation Advice for mums please

Hi there.

I've not posted before as we were unsure of what was happening with my son. We went for follow up x-rays yesterday and to see the surgeon. His curve is now 47 degrees, but he has a very large rib hump. The surgeon said he can have surgery in as little as four weeks. I like the surgeon, but would appreciate it if anyone else could advise by pm of the surgeon they has and the hospital. We live in Western Sydney.

My son is 15 and is very happy to be having the surgery as he is very self conscious of his hump and suffers with pain. The surgeon said he will need to have 5 ribs removed, has anyone else's child has this? Does it require a longer stay in hospital/ICU?

Do any mums who's children have had surgery got any suggestions of what I do in the next four weeks leading up to surgery and what to do afterwards. My mind has gone blank as it's so much quicker than I expected. I'm used to surgery, but with my 5 year old, so I'm guessing the list of things to take will be different?

Thank you in advance for any help anyone can give - sorry for the long message, I'm freaking out a bit!

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