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Default Alternatives to Surgery...advice thanks!

Hello - to cut a long story short we were told on Thursday that we are looking at surgery for my daughter in November due to the rapid progression of her Cobb angle (39 to 60 degrees in 4 months)....

I am looking for other alternatives. I realise that if we have to go down the surgery path we will, but as a parent I need to have ALL the info and exhausted possibilities before we take on the risk of surgery.

I have contacted the Socli Academy in the US, they use a range of alternative techniques. Has anyone had any dealings with them at all? Or know of a similar clinic here in Australia?

They use the schroth method along with a heap of other things, does anyone know of certified schroth practitioners here in Australia?

We will travel, that isn't a problem.

Thanks for your help and insights.

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