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Default what non surgical treatment has worked for you??

A bit about me, my scoliosis was first discovered by my mum when I was 8, I am now 21. I haven't seen a specialist for about 7years so I am not sure to what degree my curve is, it is a pretty decent curve. i wore a back brace 23 hours a day from the ages of 8-11 until i refused to where it any longer.

I now suffer from sciatic pain daily and have for the last 2years i am now getting scans for a possible slipped disc along with the usual dull back/neck pain both which really flare up once or twice a month!

I have had to take a few days to weeks at a timeoff work when it has gotten quite bad.

I would like to hear anyone's tips on how the manage and what treatment works best for them?

I am very active and at the moment incorporate 3-4 personal training sessions a week with a lady who specialises in spinal rehab, regular exercise outside of that- walking, yoga, Pilates fortnightly, chiro and accupuncture visits, stretches every few hours and these have all helped enormously with management of pain and building strength in my body but It's still very there!

I have heard about the scroth method and all these other specialist and new kinds of treatments! they all cost so much money and is very hard to justify the amounts they want without solid proof they work!

so if anyone has any recommendations, weather it be treatment or a simple excersise they practise themselves that has helped them out I would love to know!

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