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It is wonderful to hear all went well. Vomiting is normal for some. I spent two days vomiting until the meds settled (I was allergic to some).

On the second day I got up and stood on my feet and yes, it is scary, but not as scary as I'd expected. The whole body balance thing is different to pre-surgery, and your daughter will probably feel that too. But it is very exciting to be upright, even for a few seconds! The nurses and physio will be by her side all the way when she is shown how to roll out out to sit on the edge of the bed.

I found the way I breathed was helpful in reducing the pain when getting out of bed i.e. breathe in prior to moving, then breathe out when you are actually going for the next move. Like you do in sports Your daughter will be pleased to be on her feet as it it doesn't take long to be able to be up more and more. And she will feel her strength coming back too, the more she is up. It was immensely pleasurable (despite the pain) to move as I was soooo sick of being on my back!

She had done very well thus far as the surgery is THE biggest hurdle! You must be so very pleased and happy for her. Tell her to take her time, go gently and slowly, it is hard work from here, but not for long and it will change very quickly. Before she knows it she will be bouncing around again!

All the best xxx
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