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Having been through surgery twice with my daughter, the 2nd time was so much easier because we knew what to expect. So things we did differently for the 2nd surgery were:
*take some of your daughters favourite snacks and drinks, our snack pack included raw almonds, dried fruit (apricot and prunes as the drugs played havoc with her insides), gingernuts, and yummy fruit juices/iced tea drinks.
*sanitary pads, in most cases surgery often brings on a period (whether it is due or not) and it's nice to be prepared and not have to use the diaper sized pads that the hospital supplies.
*pamper day ... we spent the day before surgery doing all sorts of cool girly things and it really helped to keep her calm and gave her something to look forward to as the surgery day got closer.
*not everyone is the same ... don't expect her recovery to be the same as anyone elses. After the first surgery I tried to push Miss 13 to get up and try and walk etc because 'normally' they are up by day 3 ... allow her to recover in her own time and celebrate every achievement thereafter.
*and last but not least ... take care of yourself and remember if shes stressed and screaming at you in the next few weeks, its not personal, its only that she's scared and has no-one else to take it out on.
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