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Default Re: Intro and Question re Sports after surgery?

Hi Jane, that's so awesome to hear. We are now 4 months post surgery and Leah is swim training as normal, diving and tumble turning and competed in her first post surgery swim carnival last weekend ... with a 4 second Personal best on one of the swims. She doesn't have full strength or stamina just yet but is doing really well. She was a little self conscious of the scar to start with but the kids she competes against have been super cool, and in awe of what she has endured this year ... I think she is her own worst critic.
She still sees her Osteopath every 6 weeks as we have noticed continuing minor shoulder and rib rotation since the surgery, but otherwise we are really happy with her progress.
I'm quite surprised that she had continued to get taller, she 'grew' 4cm overnight when her back was straightened and has since grown at least another 5cm in the past 4 months.
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