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Default Re: Intro and Question re Sports after surgery?

Hi , just wanted to let you know that my daughter who is also a competitive swimmer had fusion T4-t!2 on 28th June 2012. She is now in full training in the pool. Tumbleturns are back to normal,dives are fine and she is swimming butterfly again (this is considered the hardest stroke post surgery). Her respiration is improved as her curve was high throacic with quite a lot of rib rotation impacting on respiration. Sophie went back onto the pool 3 months post surgery and has had no pain at all. I am not sure how fusing down to L4 would be in comparison to T12 but certaibnly your surgeon would be able to tell you. Sophie is also allowed to run and ride her bike on the road now and is aiming for a triathlon at the end of April as she is a triathlete as well as a swimmer. Hope this helps a little. Please feel free to private message me if you want any more information.
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