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Default Re: 12 year old having surgery in Jan

Just an update for all concerned.
Unfortunately Victorias operation was cancelled 5min before going into Theatre. It has been an extremely stressful time for us all as we were all prepared and ready. I was with Victoria at the theatre doors ready to go in, needle in her hand ready for anesthetic, Head Director walks in from ICU and looked at me and said I am sorry we cannot let the operation proceed, as Vic was considered to be in the grey area due to her weight factor, all of which should have been discussed prior you would have thought, considering we were all told it can be done at this Particular Hospital. ICU Did not have the ventilating equipment required for her after care if it was required. Unfortunately the Doctor concerned did not talk to the right people and let them know what may be required, a total lack of communication. This happened to us the first time in November in Sydney 2012, exactly the same issue can you believe, so we went to Melbourne where we were told everything would be ok. It has been the most distressing time, especially for poor little Vic, who now has to put faith into another Doctor. There is a lot more to this, but will keep it short. How could this happen twice ?
We have now been told a public children's hospital is the best place to have the scoliosis operation as they have all the necessary ventilators etc for paediatric patients, would have been nice to know this at the beginning. Vics weight factor is the main underlying issue here, and in one respect I was thankful that the Director of ICU stopped it, because they know best, the Doctor on the other hand was more than happy to proceed. Begs the question, who do you trust.
Anyhow Vic now has an appointment with a different scoliosis surgeon , we now have to somehow find faith in our hearts. Will keep you informed. Brett
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