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Default Re: Torso Rotation Strength Training for Scoliosis

I just conducted an interview with one of the top Scoliosis experts in the United States. After the interview we had an exchange about torso rotation that I found helpful so I'm going to include it here.

Question) Your answer on the ineffectiveness of traction and exercise got me thinking.

"Again, exercising for hours at a time is no match for the braces on your teeth that are constantly pulling."

You are absolutely correct. When my son does torso rotation exercises he performs 3 sets of 15 on each side. The total time he spends exercising is literally a couple of minutes. I don't see how that small amount of stretching could make much difference. Could torso rotation work because of some sort of secondary action? For instance maybe this type of exercise releases hormones that stretch the ligaments in the spine? Maybe some other secondary effect? But you're right, a few minutes of exercise probably isn't enough to have a direct impact on the ligaments.

Dr. Kiester) Reasonably directed exercise is of huge impact which is why the immobilization of body bracing has such negative effects. The amount the ligaments have to stretch to stop the progression of the curve is surprisingly small. Thus a little exercise of an effective kind may even result in some reversal of the deformity. Doing a moderate force of continuous stretching (like putting braces on teeth) is when the goal is complete or near complete restitution of the normal anatomy.
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