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Hi All,
It is good to see more people discovering the site.
Hope Jess is progressing well. Hope you don't mind... wondered if I could ask a few questions. Lauren (16yr old daughter) is having her surgery on 5th Dec. I feel we are going into it still not knowing quite enough. How soon did they get Jess up walking? 11 Days was quite a long stay in hospital, did she have complications? I have wondered about the adjustment to when they are taken off the intravenous medication. We have been told she will have an epidural in for 3 days so thought it might be quite difficult when they comes out.
Jo - I can understand you getting nervous. I sent you a PM a while back.
How is Alexandra feeling? Has she had any contact with other might help her. I know Lauren likes talking to Gabby as they feel the same way about the surgery.
I contacted our hospital yesterday and they were surprised that our doctor hadn't given us a handout about what to expect after spinal surgery. I do wish we were a bit more informed. I am wondering if Xmas day will have to be spent around Lauren in bed, not that that is a problem if needs be.
Bye for now,
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