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Hi Judy,

Thankyou for your appreciation.

With regards to the shorts, she may be able to wear them after a couple of weeks, but get the kind that has ties not elastic. I found that when i put on my elasticised trackpants (it was June - Winter), I sort of walked a little hunched over but not with the other kind, because i could wear them fairly loose.

Oh, i nearly forgot, she may also have tubes in her nose for oxygen delivery because of the strong pain medications.

In regards to the eating, she will be allowed to eat, as soon as they hear 'bowel sounds' (passing wind, stomach grumbles), could be as early as day 3. I started with stewed fruit, fruit juices and yoghurt to keep it light.
You don't eat alot. The pain meds sometimes make you nauseas (sp?).
When she gets home, she may still not be eating alot, so try some smoothies (if she likes them) with whey protein, strawberries, milk or icecream.

On the way home - easy does it. There ae some things you juwt can't avoid (potholes). Hope you are not too far from the hospital. Mine was a fifteen minute ride home, I just cushioned myself with cushions.

If i can help any more please let me know.
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