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Default Re: 2 weeks post op.

My son also had difficulty after surgery with his schoolwork. He could not focus at all and concentration span was nil. This actually lasted till after 8 weeks, even a bit longer. He basically lost first term. Only year 10, but I was also a bit worried at the time. He is now doing exams, has a few gaps in knowledge but basically caught up.
I think that there is a big effect from anaesthesia and also post traumatic stress component.
Every child is different and you shouldn't compare to anyone who may have just got straight back into school. This is a difficult age without surgery etc, and mental health is just as important as year 12. She may have to work a bit harder later but I think you should let her tell you when she is able to get back into it. Better to get completely well without stress, be there as a support, if she isn't up to school work then I don't think you can force it and you are probably just getting yourself stressed ...
Hope this helps.
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