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Default Re: Anterior vs Posterior surgical approach

Hi, I have had two scoliosis correction done in the past 2 years, 2nd one was only 4 weeks ago. My first surgery was done through my side and I did get some nerve damage from this in my left leg (same side as the surgery was done through). my skin was hypersensitive and felt like it was burning, over time this was gotten better as the nerve repairs itself, but I still get some pain in my leg from time to time.
My second surgery was done anterior and it went much better than my first. I have been able to walk a lot more and just generally feel better. I had to have a bone graft from my right hip, and this is the painful thing. I make it difficult to walk for too long, but the Dr said this can take a few months to heal. Dr also informed me that the nerve damaged the first time round was looking good, so fingers crossed my hypersensitive skin should be gone soon. One thing to watch out for is the wound opening after a period of time. Mine did in 2 places, i'm not sure if this is because I have been doing too much, or some other reason, just be mindful of this.
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