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Default Re: large curve... any success out there with bracing?

Firstly can I just say having an open forum like this is soo good! I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 11 (i'm now 28) and obviously there was nothing like this available, not even the good old internet to research peoples stories, second opinions etc.
My curve was picked up in an xray of my lungs for asthma, I had a curve of 27degrees and by the end of year 6 was put into a boston brace. Obviously the aim of bracing is to halt the curve from progressing any further while you are growing and best case, straighten it back a little! I wore that brace 23 hours a day vigilantly as i was sooo scared of spinal surgery. I wore it for 4 years (yep during those terrible awkward teenage years, like they aren't hard enough!) Unfortunately, my curve ended up 52 degrees now so it seems the bracing didn't do much. In saying that, it would be nice to have a crystal ball and be able to see/predict what would've happened if I didn't wear it. I may have hit 52 degrees by age 14 had I not worn it and most definitely probably would've had to have surgery then. Who knows but i definitely don't regret giving it a go! Research has come a long way and I never knew of the spineCor brace which i've read about recently, and it says it is 4 times more effective than the boston (and is more aesthetically pleasing!). When I was in yr 10 the orthopedic surgeon recommended the surgery but i told him no he could wait until i finished school at the end of yr 12 as I knew if I left for a few months I wouldn't want to go back. So I went back end of yr 12 when i was 18 and this time he said no I didn't need it!? (lucky I didn't have it in yr 10 right!) He said it wasn't affecting my health, I had impeccable posture and carried it really well you really couldn't notice so he said surgery would be for aesthetic purposes. So to date I havn't had surgery however I feel my 'hump' on my right side of my back is getting bigger. They say without surgery once you have stopped growing the curve will get 1/2-1 degree worse each year. I worry in 10 years time my 'hump' will be so much bigger and harder to fix. Going for a check up at end of July (was meant to go a few years ago but didn't) so will see what he says!
Not sure if my story helped with whether to brace or not but thought i'd share my story!
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