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Default Re: large curve... any success out there with bracing?

My daughter (aged 13) has a large C shaped curve of 45 degrees. We chose to try a rigid brace called a Gomez brace along with schroth exercises. It has been about 6 weeks with the brace, and about 3 months with the exercises so far. The purpose of the brace is to avoid surgery, or delay surgery and prevent the curve from getting worse.

It took a good 2 weeks for my daughter to be able to wear the brace for the full 23 hours. It places a lot of pressure on one side of her ribs and under her arm, so she is always red and sore there, but coping. She only has about 2 percent growth left so we hoping to capture this while she is braced. The chiropractor said he has a 17 year old patient who wore the same brace with a similar curve for a couple of years, and it was successful - and she had no growth left!

In my opinion, trying a back brace to prevent or just delay surgery is a must. We had to travel to Sydney for this option and it is quite expensive.

I will keep you updated as to how she goes.
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