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Default Re: Anterior vs Posterior surgical approach

Hi Marsha,

I had both anterior and posterior surgery. The reason for this is that, my two discs L4/5,
L5/S1 were practically non existent and therefore there required two cages in these disc spaces. The anterior cut was down below my belly button and not very big at that. Kind of like a C-Section scar. Once the anterior was done, I was turned over and the posterior surgery was completed. Therefore, I have two cages, 16 screws and two rods. Previous to the anterior surgery, I was informed that I may experience some nerve damage in the form of one leg feeling warmer than the other. This did not happen. I did not have any loss of sensation over the abdomen. My fusion is from T11-S1. Apart from some little nigglys you get from time to time, I have had a succesful fusion and a very good recovery. If I had to do it over again - I would. Hope this helps you Marsha. If you have any other questions, please ask. Best wishes, RB
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