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Default Anterior vs Posterior surgical approach

Hi all,
I have just come back from my appointment with the surgeon. I thought the appointment went well, and I am planning to confirm my surgery date for around November this year.
The surgeon has suggested that I have an anterior approach surgery, rather than posterior as initially thought. He discussed the benefits of anterior approach including a shorter and better fusion, less blood loss, whilst having very similar risks as posterior.
I had already got myself set on posterior approach, and am somewhat overwhelmed with the prospect of having anterior approach. I understand the potential benefits, particularly less levels of fusion (T11-L3 vs T9-L5), however I am a bit scared of all that's involved in the process of getting to the vertebral bodies etc.
Can people who have had both let me know if their experience? Can those who've had anterior approach tell me if you have had any complications related to nerve damage? Particularly loss of sympathetic function (specifically sweating) in their feet? OR loss of sensation over the abdomen? OR anything else I may be unaware of?
Thanks in advance,
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