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Default Re: large curve... any success out there with bracing?

Originally Posted by staying positive View Post
Hi, I am new to this and stumbled on this forum whilst researching about scoliosis. My daughter has just turned 16 and has been diagnosed with a 54 deg upper thoracic and 34 deg lumbar S curve.
She still has lots of growing to do (a late developer). We are now on a very steep learning curve (no pun intended) and feel so anxious about what is ahead for her. She is very brave and ready to tackle this scoliosis head on. We shudder with the idea of surgery but her curve is large and we are expecting that surgeons will be recommending corrective surgery. I would be very grateful if anyone out there has had a successful experience with large curves and bracing? We know we have to move quickly to take advantage of this 'growth window' before we lose any opportunities.
Would really appreciate some knowledge from people who have been in similar situations.
Hi, I am 53 now, so a lot older than your daughter, but thought I would share my experience with the spinecor brace. I have worn it for nearly 18 months and thought it might stop the progression, but unfortunately it hasn't. Having X-rays with the brace on I am 50 degrees and without I am 53 degrees. But having said that I have researched the brace and statistics show that children in their puberty years and early teens, the brace can correct the curve almost completely, so I would definitely give it a go before surgery. Good Luck!!
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