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Default Re: large curve... any success out there with bracing?

Hi I decided to share my bracing experience in the hope it helps you all. I was diagnosed at the age of ten. After monitoring I was sent to Sydney orthopedic specialists at (name of hospital deleted by admin) (during the 1980's). Very kind people there took the time to explain everything honestly. I was offered at the age of 13 the brace in preferance to an operation as my specialist admitted there were post-op problems in some patients at that time. I had a "S" shaped curve like your daughter. The largest curve was in my lumbar spine close to 60 degrees (can't remember exactly). I almost got the milwaulkee brace, but specialists decided on the boston instead. They fitted and made a new one every year for the next three+years. In this time my curve reduced considerably to 40+ range. I was a dilegent patient and only took the brace off for a bath. I managed to keep dancing ballet, tap, play tennis, but gave up Jazz dancing. I also managed to participate in school cross country and PE sessions - although this could get uncomfortable. (Important - make sure you keep doing the core muscle exercises they give you). Drs did want to operate but for another spinal problem I have at L5 (spondolothesis) which would make fussion very problematic. I am now happy not to have op. as I have meet people with rods and fusion with pain. While I have pain (after having kids) yoga and swimming helps to improve this. These days they have programs like the Shroth method (which have eventually come to Australia) which seem to help (a trainer at my local gym was taken as a teenager with scoliosis to America to use one of these treatments) you would not know he has scoliosis now. Good luck!
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