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Hi Veronica,
I took my daughter to the doctors for headaches & feeling sick a month ago & that is how we found out. Prior to that I just thought she was slouching because she is tall. I wish I had've been more aware of scoliosis, it may have picked it up earlier.
If you are on facebook (I do realise that facebook isn't for everyone), there is a closed group for parents of children who have scoliosis. As well as this forum, I have also found this group to be extremely supportive and have information that may be able to give you some insight. The group is private and nothing comes up on my home page. Which I like because I have only spoken to close friends about Sharni's scoliosis and Sharni is already self concious so I doen't want everybody coming up to her and asking her inapporpriate questions.
2 more months till our appointment and as always smiling.
Take care, Jo
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