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Hi Joey,
We are new to this too, even though our 12 year old daughter's scoliosis was picked up when she was 2 by her physio. At the time it was very slight, only really developed in the last 6-12 months. As of 2 weeks ago she had a 33degree curve resulting in her being fitted for a Boston brace earlier this week.

I have been madly researching the net for info. Is there anyone on the forum who has a child with special needs & a boston brace? Our daughter has a moderate intellectual disability and so far all the info I have found while being helpful doesn't give me an indication of how we may need to deal with it as our daughter is non-verbal.

The hospital was helpful by looking at an alternative to plaster casting (not a chance our daughter would lay still for that), by taking lots of measurements for a computer program but otherwise offered very little info. I'm hoping when we pick up the brace in 5 weeks to be given a lot more info.

I hope that your specialist appointment goes well.

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