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Default Re: Very worried mum. Non surgical treatment?

Hi Shirley,
I have investigated the Schroth method, only to find that my daughter (age 7.5) is too young as it requires concentration that she probably doesnt have. There are 2 qualified practitioners in Australia.
One is in Bondi Junction NSW.
The other is a lady in Melbourne.
I have spoken to the lady in Melbourne - who's details I can not find right now but will post for you asap
Our specialists here in Melbourne do not recommend this method but the results seen worldwide appear to be fantastic and I dont see how it can do any harm as long as you continue with the clinical treatment.
2 things the lady in Melbourne told me to do with my daughter was to remind her constantly (she suggested placing stickers all through the house) to stand up out of her brace - stretching tall, and also to just hang from the monkey bars. These were two things she thought within my daughters ability.
If you would like I could provide you with contact details for both practitioners. Just let me know.
Good luck with your scoliosis journey.
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