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Default Patients share first-hand their experiences with scoliosis surgery

16 years of age at surgery
Thoracolumbar curve - 46 degrees

When I was 15, I had an X-ray of the lungs for possible pneumonia (which I didn’t have) and that showed up the curve in my spine... MORE>>

14 years of age at surgery
Double major curve - 54 degree left lumbar and a 44 degree right thoracic

At the age of 13 years I was told I had to have an operation to correct my spine because I had a double major scoliosis, 54 degree left lumbar scoliosis and a 44 right thoracic curve. Getting told at 13 that I had to have back surgery was very hard to take in at the time... MORE>>

16 years of age at surgery
Initial thoracolumbar curvature of 37 degrees that progressed to 49 degrees over 5 months

I had just returned to the Little Athletics season when I was finding it difficult to run my favourite 1500m and 3km events. The muscles on the left side of my back were spasming which was becoming quite painful. My mum noticed that my running style had changed and my left shoulder was slightly dropped and upon lifting my shirt saw that my spine was curved. MORE>>