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Default Re: Very worried mum. Non surgical treatment?

Hi Louise,
so good to hear from you. I too am a teacher and have had to take 6 weeks leave to look after my you can imagine how much preparation I had to do to leave 6 weeks of programmes for the person being me. I am glad though because now I will be able to devote all my time to Sophie. With the two weeks of holidays` added she will be my number one concern for 8 weeks and I will of course take all the rest of my long service leave if needed to cover more time. So glad to hear that your surgery has lasted so long. It is amazing what they can do. Sophie is nearly 3 weeks post op and is walking well, sleeping well in between medications and is motivated by a 'recovery' puppy we have bought her - Evie needs to be walked and Sophie loves to walk her. I have nothing but praise for the amazing nurses, doctors and of course our wonderful surgeon. These true professionals make a very tough time so much better.
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