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Default Re: Very worried mum. Non surgical treatment?

Jane, great news about your daughter's successful surgery - so amazed by what can be done today. I wish I had been 13 now rather than 1969 although my surgeon then did the best they could offer at the time - a thoracic fusion and Harrington rod. I made it happily to 55 (after having 2 kids and a 25 year teaching career) without more surgery. I've just had a lumbar fusion and partial correction of scoliosis (they fused my spine into curve to halt progression in 69) so my Dr said not as much correction as he would have liked but it has definitely improved my quality of life. So Shirley, can certainly understand your worry but keep in mind that good surgeons have been improving on this type of surgery for over 40 years now and kids usually bounce back very well. Even adults do too if they're reasonably fit and healthy in every other way like me. Hope your decisions become easier as time goes on. All the best!
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