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Default Re: Lauren's home from hospital

Lauren slept through the night last night. This is great! HOpefully it might continue. She isn't asking for pain meds as often as at first so now she is just taking the occasional Brufen and panadol. Wouldn't have minded keeping with the diagesic but have run out of those tablets and not sure if they can be bought without a script. Dr said to not use Endone for much longer as it affects the bowls, and not to use the Brufen for too long either as it doesn't encourage bone growth. Sort of limits the options then doesn't it?
Her shoulder blades seem to be giving her the most grief.
Did anyone else get left with a numbing sensation down the inner side of your arm? From little finger, up to armpit. Lauren mentioned it to Dr who said it was just from sleeping on it.....but we don't believe that one. Hopefully it will improve in time.
She has gained approx 2.5cm. Not sure what her new curve is, but certainly not much. Now she has to remember keeping her head and the rest her body straight after all the time it has been crooked.
Thanks for all your well wishes and the gentle hug. I have to keep remembering when we have our hugs. I used to always pat her on the back when we hugged, so now it is just her arms I pat.
Bye for now,
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