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Default Re: Surgery decision

Hi All, thank you for allowing me to join the group..I'm 58 year old woman who has kyphosis scoliosis and will be having surgery as soon as they can get a placement it's called back to back and I'm very afraid I really have no choice I have tried so many things..nerve release...spinal injections ..injection of burning nerves spinal fusion of the L5/S1which failed in 2015.. I have seen three orthopaedic surgeons only one accepted after consulting with the other...I have a 75'degree tilt to the right and 55'degree left hip upwards...two step surgery due to first one failing and I lost all the fluid of the brain and three transfusions and a pulmonary embolism on the heart and lung ending up with pneumonia...therefore this back to back procedure depends on how much damage has occurred cause i can no longer pee and poo first surgery will be to fix the trunk L5/s1 see the damage as the disc has moved and the screws are loose they will fuse all the lower lumbar and the following week break my spine and totally try and straighten as much as possible and complete a full fusion HOPEFULLY I have a lot of black dots the doctors say and I may not make it either way if I don't my spine will snap and sever my spinal cord..I have tried face book no one really wants to share ..I even posted myself on Instagram no has come forward...I feel very alone...looking for some friends that can share..
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