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Default Re: Surgery decision

Hi Chloe,

Although my scar sits straight down the middle really I thought I'd give my input.

I connected with a girl in the UK that had surgery (before I had mine) and her scar went around to her hip and kind of 'through' the rib area because they had to work around there.

In my opinion, having a scar is pretty bad*** but most people see it as a burden. Most creams and oils will help clear it up if you desire but time will also fade it. You could look up natural remedies for scars and there should be ointments and things available.

Hope all goes well with your surgery, if you have any Qs feel free to PM.

I'm 6 years post OP and everything is good. I'm even riding a motorbike it might be tough just as you come out and say for a few months but things really do get easier and all you need is the few months to feel fine. Just take it easy the pain for me is gone too! Only time I get pain is around time of the month or if I do exercise with improper form (oops) but in the end it feels normal the way my back is now. When you first come out it'll feel strange but you adjust.

Best wishes!
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