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Default Re: Surgery -- where to start?

Hi All,

Thank you all for your experience and suggestions! I feel so lucky to hear from you all. I contacted doctor's clinic, and waited for one month to get into the first appointment. I had a normal x-ray, and a specific whole picture x-ray reqired by doctor done (the specific one is covered by medicare).

After my first consultation I got that my upper curve is 77degree and bottom curve is 44degree. So at this stage it is either to do nothing or the surgery, luckily the doctor said i might only need to fix the upper curve, depending on another x-ray test which exams the flexibility of the curve.

I also asked about the minimal invasive surgery to correct scolisis, which has smaller cuts. I am actually frigtened by knowing traditional way that cut the whole muscle into half. But since my curve is quite severe, the traditional way suits me better according to doctor. I will research on this too. This is once in a life decision so I try to make everything carefully, hope I won't regret anything in the future!

Basicly I am going to take another two exams so doctor can discuss the details of surgery with me in the next appointment, I will update next friday.

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